Wealthy families around the world form our core client base.Indosuez Wealth Management helps them protect and manage their fortune, receive income when required and pass on their wealth to future generations by establishing a lasting relationship of trust.

Each family is unique

Families are like individuals - each one is different, shaped by its history and its successes. Their wealth may come from the sale of a family business, either recently or in the past.

Or it may come from land holdings, property or natural resources that generate recurrent revenues.

Some families have only a few members living in the same country, while others include dozens of members residing in several countries. Indosuez Wealth Management knows that each family is unique.


As many aspirations as there are families

Our clients' goals are also unique. Some want to receive a regular income, while others do not. Some want to delegate the management of their assets, while others simply want to be advised... They all want to protect, grow, and prepare to pass on their wealth.

Whatever their requirements, our Bank, with 140 years of experience and a full range of services in our three areas of expertise – Structuring Wealth, Investing Wealth, Banking & Beyond – can provide each family with optimum solutions that reconcile individual ambitions with the family's overall interests.


Optimising and fine-tuning your wealth structure

To identify the best possible structure for a family's wealth, our teams first perform a full analysis of the wealth and tax situation as well as the plans of the family's different members. This in-depth insight allows us to provide the most appropriate advice on how to protect members of the family and their lifestyle while preparing the transmission to future generations.

The family's personal Senior Banker will regularly update this information. With its personal services and relationships of trust, Indosuez Wealth Management can adjust its solutions to ensure they meet families' needs as they change over time due to family events, life choices, or a decision to move abroad, for example.  


Protect and grow, then pass on your wealth to the next generation

Because a family's wealth needs to be passed on through the generations, Indosuez Wealth Management advises its clients on the most efficient solutions, with a constant focus on prudence. For example, our Discretionary Portfolio Management mandates all have asymmetrical profiles designed to provide protection in difficult markets and be more dynamic in bull markets.

Our advisory services include specialists in each country's tax and private laws to ensure we deliver optimum solutions. These specialists aid in optimising the structure of your wealth by finding the most appropriate investment solutions and identifying the best ways to pass your wealth on to future generations.

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