Entrepreneurs & C-levels

Some clients require support covering both their private and business assets.
Indosuez Wealth Management, which has a taste for the most ambitious entrepreneurial projects written into its DNA, provides the global vision they need.

Factoring in your business

Our clients include men and women who are very active in the business world. Some are entrepreneurs who own and run their own business. Others are shareholders or executives invested in their company. These clients want advice covering both their business and private assets and the overlap between the two.

Indosuez Wealth Management's teams fully integrate this dual corporate-private dimension and develop global wealth strategies. A dedicated Corporate Finance team is available to Senior Bankers serving such clients.


Advising both the entrepreneur and their business

Our proven expertise helps clients make decisions about their business assets, with advice on possible transactions and a detailed assessment of the impact such transactions will have on their personal wealth.

For example, we can advise on the following:

  • Organising commercial and industrial assets in order to optimise their ownership, transfer or sale, or an expansion into foreign markets
  • Equity transactions: mergers, disposals, acquisitions, initial public offerings, bringing in new partners or investors, asset restructuring, securities issues, etc. Our Group's Corporate expertise in these areas, in particular in mergers and acquisitions (CA CIB, SODICA) mean we can advise and support companies with such operations.


Operational support for your plans

As well as our advisory role, we also provide operational support to aid entrepreneurs with transactions impacting their top-line growth, for example credit and risk management. We provide a rapid response at key times in their company's development, with asset/liability guarantees, counter-guarantees such as surety bonds,  firstbonds, first-demand guarantees or investment financing solutions. Our Private Equity and Real Estate departments are also regularly involved in our clients' business plans.

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