For the private Sphere

Your loved-ones are doubtless your main priority.
But you may also be committed to growing your business, a philanthropic cause, or something you are passionate about.
Whatever your priorities, a key part of your enjoyment comes from knowing that you have taken into account the current and future needs of those who are important to you and dependent on you.

What you need to build something solid.

A good architect always starts by listening and asking questions to understand their client's constraints and desires. They will then devise a project and address every little detail before proposing a blue print for construction.

Starting at the initial design phase, the architect will consult specialists to ensure that the building's foundations are solid, that the openings will not weaken the overall structure, and that the building can be extended without any legal risk.

The same applies to Architects of Wealth. They begin by pinpointing your aspirations by obtaining a 360-degree vision of your total wealth. Like the architect, they will submit their initial ideas to our specialists - in particular our legal and tax experts - to ensure that the solutions they are considering are robust and long lasting, before proposing their overall plan.


Architects of Wealth for your private assets

Our teams' overriding objective is to propose an efficient structure for your private wealth, broadening its outlook if necessary, and taking into account its interaction with other parts of your life in order to establish a solid overall structure.

We always start with a comprehensive understanding of your circumstances - this is essential to ensure that we make the right recommendations. Establishing an additional source of revenue, protecting your family over time, preparing your estate, investing in a philanthropic cause... anything is possible, and you may well have multiple objectives.

Global wealth structuring specialists 

To help you sketch the outline of your project and to advise you on how to structure your wealth, Indosuez Wealth Management has a multi-disciplinary team of specialists - legal, tax, and wealth structuring experts - in each region.

Some of them will cover your country of residence, which will determine most of the rules that have to be followed. Other experts will be brought in if necessary, depending on the location of any intermediate investment structures or final assets you invest in.

As a rule, our experts specialise in their country of origin and have worked there before joining our Centres of Expertise in Paris (which covers France), Luxembourg (the European Union), Geneva (Russia, Middle East), Monaco (Africa, Pacific), Miami (Latin America), Singapore and Hong Kong (Asia).

In a constantly-changing legal and fiscal environment, these professionals pool their expertise to provide global support for your decisions regarding your private wealth. We can also take into account your business matters if you wish, drawing on our wealth specialists and our Corporate Finance team if necessary.


Support at all levels

The science of wealth has many facets. In the area of private wealth alone, we frequently handle the following matters for our clients:

  • Family law, marital property regimes, estate planning, donations, bequests, and assistance with successions, including aspects of international private law
  • Wealth structuring for all types of moveable assets (financial instruments, works of art, collections, etc.) and real estate assets (for personal use, for investment), in particular:
    • Choice of ownership type: direct or via holding structures
    • The creation and administration of partnership structures in the European Union. Indosuez Wealth Management can, for example, help with the creation and management of European companies, including the accounting and governance of holding companies that manage cash, equity investments, brands, and patents.
    • The implementation of income reinvestment / distribution strategies
    • The use of financial leverage and its tax implications
  • Tax rules on financial products and assistance with tax declarations (income and capital gains taxes)
  • International matters: multi-booking, mobility, moving home, acquisition/sale of assets in a country different to the client's country of residence, etc.


A dual vision

If you are active in other fields - in business or philanthropy, for example - your Senior Banker's team will expand to include specialists in your area of interest. For example, we can bring in our Corporate Finance teams to provide Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives with the dual vision they require.

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