As our primary activity, wealth structuring forms the foundation of our services, like the plans of a luxury home before its construction.
For Indosuez Wealth Management, there is no typical structure.
Each client is unique and our added value comes from our intimate knowledge of the story behind your situation, constraints, and aspirations.

Understanding your priorities so we can make them ours  

Our client’s focus may be family. As an entrepreneur, it could be business. It may also be focused on a philanthropic cause. Whichever goal you are pursuing, we will advise you how best to structure, protect, grow, and pass on your private and professional wealth.

So we can understand what is important to you, we start with an in-depth analysis of your situation, needs, and objectives. This audit spans private, professional, domestic and international assets and liabilities.


The best possible solutions, with a long-term outlook 

Based on this foundation of understanding, our wealth manager - supported by wealth structuring and investment experts – proposes an individual wealth structuring strategy.

We continuously monitor changes to local and international regulations and manage any necessary adjustments over time, especially at significant moments in your life.

At all times, we ensure that our wealth strategies are both lasting and able to evolve. In volatile economic and political times, the prudence shown by Indosuez Wealth Management in its wealth structuring often makes a big different in terms of net performance, justifying the trust you place in us.


A multi-specialist approach

Your Senior Banker will design and adjust the structure of your assets with the assistance of our wealth structuring specialists:

  • Wealth structuring teams: comprised of specialists in the global structuring of family, private or business assets in order to optimise their ownership, management and transfer, taking into account the tax regime applicable to each client.
  • Corporate Finance teams, who assist with entrepreneurs' equity transactions and certain investments in unlisted companies.
  • Complex credit structuring teams, who essentially focus on business assets or specific real estate investments.
  • Philanthropy teams, who assist with the selection of projects and provide support for personal initiatives.


A panoramic view 

Indosuez's Structuring Wealth professionals come from diverse cultural backgrounds and are able to find expert answers to even the most complex wealth questions, taking on board the international dimension and going beyond purely financial matters.

Their expertise is enhanced by our cross-business structure, which carries out permanent monitoring and exchange of information at an international level, fostering an in-depth understanding of legal and fiscal risks. 

Indosuez Wealth Management takes an exhaustive global approach (asset/liability management, private/business wealth, profit/non-profit structures, etc.). 

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